Pink “What A Melon” Beginnings

Hey there!

My name is Shawna and I am a singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania, finally taking that leap of faith into the music industry. Welcome to my website. It’s so good to have you here!

To give you some background about me: I started writing songs shortly after the Jonas Brothers covered “Year 3000″… so I had to be about 12. I had this pink Blow Pop “What A Melon” notebook that I “hacked” into a songwriting journal by flipping the cover around and fishing it back through the spirals. I wrote “Shawna’s Songs” down the front in capital letters and autographed it in red pen a few times. I still have it; it’s a relic.

My “What A Melon” notebook was the beginning of my love for writing. As elementary (and embarrassing) as those lyrics may be looking back, they taught me the value of expression. They captured the sheer joy of experiencing inspiration that I have learned to long for well into my adult years. That “What A Melon” notebook, although overlooked and misunderstood at the time, set the foundation for a passion I cannot escape although life has tried to rip it out of me.

This May, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, an accomplishment I value greatly and look back on with immense gratitude. College gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to refine what I was looking for out of life. However upon graduation, I realized that it had greatly deprived me of some of my most valued dreams. I traded my dream of pursuing music for practicality and security, never giving myself permission to go after what I’m truly passionate about. Now with college behind me, I’m prioritizing what makes me happiest and leaving everything else behind.

So that’s why I’m here: to figure out who I am, find my voice, discover my sound, learn how to express myself now that I’m older, and share the whole process with you.

Come along! It’s going to be an incredible ride… I promise.




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