Scratch the Itch

One of the biggest difficulties I have with finding success in my personal interests is staying in one lane for long enough to see any results. I have interests all over the place so when I go about pursing my dreams, I often picture a small, very excitable child running wild in the yard and I get scared. I’m literally excited by everything and not everybody appreciates that. Instead of embracing this, I normally minimize it to fit in. The challenge has been learning to accept this as a strength and an invitation to enjoy life rather than a reason to beat myself up over not being “dedicated enough” to a specific hobby or craft. Call it instability, but I’m slowly starting to see it as a unique opportunity to experience life at its fullest potential. WATCH OUT: The world is my candy store.

For me, writing has always been the unifying factor holding together all of these wild interests, from fashion to travel to music and everything else in between. It only makes sense that I’d want to be a blogger but about what has often eluded me. I mean seriously, how could you choose? Life is too cool to put into boxes.

Anyway, when I started taking music more seriously, I figured this is where I would focus all of my writing attention. I would take you through the tough times, the doubts, and the successes, in addition to writing songs. Everything I would write about would somehow relate to my life with music. If I found success, I thought it would be a good documentation of the feelings one goes through behind the scenes while working towards a seemingly impossible goal.

But the more I write, the more I realize that music is only a part of what I love. Realizing this always brings me back to the little kid in the yard. How do you choose what to spend the rest of your life on? I’m sure these feelings are true for other people, as we are all complex and multifaceted, yet it makes me feel alone. I look around and see people finding success and doing things they love with steadfast dedication, only to look back at myself and see the little kid with mud on their knees and a broken glass in hand, revved up for the next adventure.

Whenever I start blogging, I get this itch to write about everything that makes me, me. It’s a hard itch for me to keep from scratching although it’s one I hate to have. Normally, I write it off as being scattered brained but I’m really not scattered brained at all. I’m actually really organized and methodical about things; I just enjoy thinking and talking about several different topics.

I’m slowly coming around to the idea that it’s okay to be this way. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to pursue interests in fashion, music, technology, and home decor, among a thousand others. My lifestyle isn’t a problem just because it’s multifaceted; it’s exciting. I think back to actually being a little kid and remember how fascinated I was by everything and that’s not something I’m willing to compromise on anymore. I’m okay with being excitable; I’m okay with being me.

I think the world makes it seem like you have to do one thing and be the best at it to find any success. But that’s simply not true. If we have any chance at truly succeeding, it’s because we are passionate in the moment and fully enjoy our lives. That’s what I’m focusing on first moving into the next chapter of my life. It’ll all work out; it always does.

So with that said, I’m opening up this blog to include posts about lifestyle, music, fashion, and so much more. The format of the navigation menu should reflect this, although it will take me some time to populate the website with new content. I hope you understand.

I want to fully experience my life without putting it all in one box so I’m finding that it’s easier to just scratch the itch. I’ll feel a whole lot better and maybe get closer to figuring out who I want to be… even if that means living with the little kid in my head for the rest of my life.



Enjoy the new website! I’m also working on getting a new camera to start adding life to these posts. I hope you like them!


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