My Why: 5 MAJOR Reasons Why I Became A Stella & Dot Stylist in 2019 🌸

My Why: 5 MAJOR Reasons Why I Became A Stella & Dot Stylist in 2019 🌸

This year has been full of new experiences: an apartment, buying my first couch, a *rEaL* job, my first “second” cat, and… bills. Sometimes, when I have a spare moment to look around me, it feels like I grew up overnight. Just over a year ago, I was studying for my “FINAL finals” and pleading for graduation to hurry up and come already. Now, graduation feels like a lifetime ago.

When I look back on how I spent this year, I’m really proud of myself. I accomplished ALL THIS on my own. I established independence, got a great job by society’s standards, and transitioned into adulthood earlier than I expected to. But there’s something sour about that picture, more bitter than sweet that had me wondering why I thought all this was going to make me happy in the first place. Let me explain.

I recently started using the metaphor of a mountain to describe my life. Lets just say, my mountain’s a mess. Actually, the mountain’s fine, it’s my approach to climbing it that’s less than exquisite. I’m going full speed up the side, in what looks like the “most direct” route possible, towards a summit I can’t even see, and I have NO resources.

I didn’t bring a tent because “I’ll figure it out when I get there.” I have no water or food on me because I was in a rush when I left the house and I didn’t even bother purchasing star gazing equipment because “we won’t have time to enjoy ourselves anyway.” Let’s go! That’s how I have approached work, school, life over the last who knows how many years. And my “most direct” route? Yeah, it has run me into more obstacles than it has saved me from. I don’t meander; I sprint. More often than not, it leads to injury.

At some point in that painful and uninspiring climb, I realized this: not only am I an inexperienced hiker, I’m climbing the WRONG MOUNTAIN. Enter Stella & Dot.

This year, I made a promise to myself to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. And I’m not talking about what’s fastest, easiest, or most soul crushing. I’m talking about all the dreams I projected onto that summit that I could never reach because I was treating my life as a means to a miserable end. I’m talking about all the moments that make me feel happy and expansive along the way, the star gazing and the meandering.

I found Stella & Dot at the moment I committed myself to that promise and I’m NEVER. GOING. BACK. Here’s my top five reasons for joining Stella & Dot as an independent stylist. I hope it inspires you to find your mountain and climb it with joy.

1. Freedom (read: I’m taking my life back and not a SINGLE SOUL is stopping me, not even me)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would do if I had the freedom to follow my heart. A million dreams cross my mind, followed by excuses like a thousand shackles. Adulthood can trick you into thinking the fairytale is already over, like you’re bound to the depressing reality of make money, pay bills, eat, sleep, repeat. We are encouraged to groan at our adult lives, make light of it through self-deprecating humor over dinner parties, and go after what’s safe rather than what’s stimulating and I’m already OVER it.

Here’s to “impractical” joy, boundless creativity, adult fairytales, and being the BOSS of my own life. Instead of thinking “what would I do IF I followed my heart,” I’m following it.

2. Flexibility (read: work from home, go back to school, move out of state, make the “write life” possible)

If you’ve been around on this blog for a while, you know that writing is the center of everything for me. It’s what ties together my entire world, from fashion to entertainment to film and everything in-between. Writing well and often is my first priority. Being inspired to write by the life I’ve built around me is second to that and having the flexibility and the financial freedom to make it happen is the glue that holds it all together.

Stella & Dot prides itself on “[giving] every woman the means to style her own life.” For me, that means the flexibility to learn and grow in other areas, all while taking care of myself and my family. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t have one without the other.

3. Fashion (read: creativity keeps me sane, style keeps me happy)

Writing is one of the major outlets I use for my creativity. However, it’s not the only way I like to express myself. I desire to live my life surrounded by beauty, one that speaks to me at a deeper level and reminds me of the world I created. In its absence, creativity has become even more important to me. I’m no longer accepting weeks flying by without being filled with creative moments. If that means fashion and helping other women find their own sense of style, don’t mind if I do.

4. Friends (read: everyday I go out into the world to make a LIVING for the people I love but it’s time to focus on making a LIFE we can share)

I once read that the most important thing you can do for someone is to make them feel special and understood. But sometimes when life is tough and getting by is all you can do, it’s hard to shift your focus outward onto what makes other people unique and worth celebrating.

Making a living is something we do for ourselves. We work hard, we get paid, we focus on our problems, and we repeat every two weeks. Making a life is what we do for others. We share our good fortune, we make the people around us feel beautiful and unique, and we relish in how good it feels to give. It’s time for me to break the cycle of living just to get by and build a life I can truly give to the wonderful women (and men!) I share it with.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

Winston S. Churchill

5. Female (read: women empowering women to live their own lives is the best form of encouragement)

And finally, one of the biggest factors that attracted me to Stella & Dot is how supportive they are of women, how firmly they believe in empowering women to “be their own boss, on their own terms.” Being your own boss comes in so many forms and a successful life looks different to every woman. At Stella & Dot, you do you. To learn more about the company’s mission, click here.

I can’t wait to share my style with you on this incredible journey of empowerment and transformation. This is My Why… 💕



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