Born in 1995, I’m a product of the Information Age. At 23, my life relies on more devices and data than my parents could have ever imagined. I carry the world in my hands and can quickly change my life experience with the touch of a few buttons. Systems upon systems of data are presented to me each day to control and enhance how I interact with the world. I grew up with this. I know of no other reality but the digital one. This is normal for me.

However, as the world increases in complexity, it becomes more and more difficult to know and understand ourselves. Messages pervade our world like tidal waves, overwhelming us with choice, indecision, and fear. Who should we be? How should we act? What should our houses look like? What should we do with our lives? Will we be judged for it? What do we have to learn to remain relevant? The Jones’ no longer live on the other side of the fence. They live in our houses; they consume us in every moment. We are so connected to the information of the world that we have lost touch with the unique lives that unfold around us.

But please, don’t get the wrong impression. I love technology! It is an incredible tool that has truly revolutionized the entire world, creating greater, more diversified connections and expanding the economy to larger markets. We can maintain relationships with people across the globe, run businesses from our tablets, and create memorable experiences for the people we love simply by sitting in front of a computer, among millions of other functions. I have access to information on any topic I’d like to research at the click of a button. Technology is so powerful and we often take data for granted, knowing so little about the great deal of work that goes into making that information accessible.

Yet with all that data and information, somehow I feel as if I have nothing. Who am I under all the data points? How do I get by without my phone? How far can technological innovation go before we completely obscure the human experience?

My name is Shawna. I’m a young woman trying to figure out who I am in a sea of information. I love technology, fashion, and finding new ways to live more mindfully in a hyperconnected world. As a product of the Information Age, I have to work a little harder to find presence, fight overwhelm, and get in touch with reality. Gone are the days of being unplugged. It’s time to adapt to the new world; It’s always on.

This blog is built to bring you insight on finding structure and clarity in a world overwhelmed with data and choice, specifically in the areas of fashion, technology, and lifestyle. I write what I need so each post will reflect an area of my life that’s under construction. There’s no keeping up with the Jones’ here; what you see is what you get. It’s all genuinely Shawna. This is where I go to express myself.

I look forward to making the world of technology a better, more mindful place… together. Welcome to my page!



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