This is my best work, my greatest truth.


What a stupid bug, trying to climb into the socket holes. The hot air moves inward and the heat in the house is sticky. I’m in need of an air conditioner and if we’re honest, a bit of free time to get my domestic affairs in order. But the weeks carry on and the weird […]

A Quick Start Guide to Falling in Love Again ๐Ÿ’•

If it isn’t obvious by now, my new niche is about finding love, building better relationships, and leading a romantic and spirited lifestyle that supports both efforts. I believe that many of us are not equipped with the tools we need to love and be loved because the mechanics of how they should work are […]

When Love Is A Gamble, Bet On Yourself First ๐Ÿ’—

There’s something about the entertainment industry that really excites me. Even when I was a kid, music and performing held a special place in my heart because it felt promising. I used to tell everyone I wanted to be a singer when I grew up and on some days, even as an adult, that’s still […]